In-house Logistics

What can We Do for Your Business

We can provide a completed in-house logistics services where all logistics needs such as transportation, customs, import & export, warehousing and other related matters are available under the same roof.

These operations incorporate supply chain management to maximize the reliability and efficiency of the distribution network while minimizing transportation and storage costs as requested by the customers.

We at LOGISTEED Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. has years of experience in providing In-House Logistics services to our customers, dating back to the early days.

In-house Logistic

The in-house logistics system consists of three main activities

Ensure that all orders are received and arranged according to the delivery or receipt schedule using the shipment mode as required by the customer.
Inventory Management
Ensure warehouse management is always controlled and goods are stored safely. Where the level of inventory accuracy must always reach 100% of the target.
Transportation of Goods
Ensure LOGISTEED Malaysia truck and third party logistics service provider management to deliver products from production location or factory to end customer on time.

In-house logistics also ensures the cycle of how goods are transported and stored while in transit; these items can be in trucks, ships, in warehouses or using air carriers and ensure logistical efficiency right down to the final buyer.

Customer benefits of in-house logistics.