3PL / Contract Logistics

Our 3PL / Contract Logistics

‘3PL’ (3rd party logistics), also known as contract logistics. We at the LOGISTEED Group have been capitalizing on our pioneering expertise in 3PL since the 1980s and have always been leading its industry evolution.

We undertake comprehensive logistics outsourcing at any segment of your supply chain, from procurement, production, sales and distribution, to after service, enabling a higher standard of service and lean logistics operations. We can also construct international 3PL models to support your business expansion, by combining our freight forwarding functions with our logistics bases and transportation networks on the ground in each market.

We enhance visibility of your order reception, inventory levels, etc. with advanced information technology, working together with you to achieve higher quality and efficiency in logistics operations. As a leading operator in the 3PL industry, we are committed to providing optimal logistics solutions to you, while we leverage our abundant expertise, consulting capabilities, comprehensive infrastructure, and the latest technologies.

Our strengths in 3PL / contract logistics come from our expertise in designing and operating system logistics, proven by our outstanding achievements since the 1980’s, as well as our capabilities of meeting customer needs with the team of our experts specialized in your industries. As a pioneering leader in the contract logistics, we the LOGISTEED Group are committed to pursuing optimal operation models with you.

Why Outsourcing to a 3PL Expert?

Outsourcing to a 3PL expert makes it possible for you to focus your valuable management resources on your core business, leading to the better management efficiency. The LOGISTEED Group can help you rationalize your logistics operations and improve your customer satisfaction, in the sequence of your SCM activities from procurement, production, sales, to recycling, by providing optimal solutions for your comprehensive logistics operations. Let us improve operation quality, optimize total costs, strengthen compliance for you, and you can enhance your customer experience, advance your competitiveness, and grow your core business.

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